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Commonwealth Edison, commonly known as ComEd, is the largest electric utility in Illinois, and the sole electric provider in Chicago and much of Northern Illinois. Its service territory stretches roughly from Iroquois County to the south, the Wisconsin border to the north, the Iowa border to the west, and the Indiana border to the east. In September 2011, ComEd named the first woman to the CEO post, Anne Pramaggiore. When she was promoted within Exelon, ComEd's parent company, Joe Dominguez was named CEO and COO Terence Donnelly was named president while retaining the title COO.

A disappointed customer shared this on Consumer Affairs "Recently purchased a 220,000 dollar home, have been with ComEd for over a year, never ever one late payment since it’s on autopay. Tried to transfer service online today and it said we needed a 250 dollar deposit due to “credit” or something else stupid. Now let me mind you, we bought a house on the credit we have and ComEd wants a deposit? We called and the guy said, “We don’t know. We can’t see that, you have to call the credit bureau.” Uhhhhhhh okay, thanks bud for the stupid answer. So we looked it up. It says you pay a deposit if you are a NEW customer or have 4 or more late payments. We have never even had ONE late payment. So we had to give into them ripping people off because we need electric since we move Monday but we are calling back and if it’s the same answer, we will get it figured out because what it says for the deposit, doesn’t include us. We didn’t have any issue with Nicor or any other utilities. But of course, ComEd... it’s like Comcast... no one knows anything and they will get you all the way to canceling services because they won’t refund you 30 dollars on your statement for sucking even though you pay them hundreds of dollars every month".


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Meter Reader (Former Employee) says

"It was a job with a good company, where I had no job security or benefits for 2 years. No job placement because of my job title as a temporary employee,"


"They only hire for temporary support. You are not allowed to miss a single day from the day you start until the end of season (November). They bring in temps in large numbers. Last group had 108 temporary customer service reps and only 30 were offered part time (20hrs) permanent positions. The rest were laid off with no guarantee of a call back. Great party but do not pass up any other job opportunities."

Customer Service Representative- Temporary (Former Employee) says

"Managers intentionally deceive workers! Supervisors throw you under the bus to protect themselves. While compensation was good the stress level isn’t worth it. Management and older workers look down on you and will tell you “I’m busy find another supervisor”. They only care about the people they helped to get employed by the company (friends and family). There’s no support or even care to help you with dealing with stressful situations or anxiety that come from being treated very wrong from the customers and by the supervisor."

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"ComEd was bought by Exelon but ran like a small mom and pop company. Contractors are not liked and treated as leased equipment. It is very difficult to apply for jobs; you have to either know or be related to someone. COMED IS A LEGACY AND/OR NEPATISM COMPANY! Change is very slow coming with this sister company of Exelon.If you are lucky enough to get a job, well protected even if you are a bad performer. They protect their own.Nepatism, Legacy, On-boarding, no real training, managers need training; devulge anything told in confidence!!!"

Substation Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Hires managers that threaten the management with termination. Claims that his kids can do our job. You can go from a B-plus grade to being placed on a personal improvement plan, overnight. If you are African- American, or Hispanic, this is the job for you. The company went years with very few upper management minorities, to only hiring placing minorities to this position. Qualified or not, it’s about skin color."

Area Operator (Former Employee) says

"We would get called in at any time of the night to work 16 hours. Promotions were based on seniority, and the union only helped the lazy people. Management had not a clue what your job entailed to, yet tried to tell you how to run your job unsafely, then would write you up for doing it unsafely. They did not care about your family or your well being. If you were sick, management would make you drive an hour away to see their doctor.Good moneypoor management, no social life, worked in dangerous conditions-aspestos, lead, mold"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Very Stressful. Pays very well though. fast paced environment. call center. Calls come through right away. with no break in between. it has been years"

Field Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"If you're supervisor do not make a single mistake or you will FIRED!!! Craft runs the operations will supervisors sleep in there vehicles................NoneComEd"

Project Management Analyst (Current Employee) says

"I think Com Ed is a great company to work at. But it depends on what department. I notice that some managers don't have the best management skills and treat their contractors as resources only and not as potential employees which is a bit disheartening. I would definitely like to see what the rest of the company has to offer if given the opportunity.FlexibilityMicromangement"

Information Desk Technician (IDT) says

"It has been a challenging time to learn all the dispatchers' lingos, and trying to learn the process from 7 other colleagues. Exciting to know that I can provide assistance to the Police and Fire Departments when they call for status or provide the actual location of the power outage.good lesson how an electric company functionsNot given much of a chance."

Caregiver/Personal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I loved my client but management is rude and they only have selective people who they give hours and bonuses too no matter how much you work for them on off days."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The biggest challenge with working at ComEd is the levels of management that interact with their employers on a daily basis. This can be great as they care, but it can be overwhelming when there is conflicting priorities.Great payManagement"

Crew Leader (Former Employee) says

"Good pay and benefits. I like to stick with a lesson we learned from our friend Thumper in the classic movie Bambi. "If you can't say something nice, than don't say nothing at all"."

Distribution System Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Management was poor, life work balance could be stressful at times, minimal training and expectations were very high, in any errors or mistakes they would rate you as an average employee and could affect your raise or is goodManagement, training."

Internship (Former Employee) says

"I wasn't satisfied with the stuff I was doing there for the internship. It was confusing and didn't learn anything but to sell stuff. Was a waste if time and energy."

Meter Reader (Former Employee) says

"Typical day of work is you show up for the safety meeting every morning before going out to start your job. I learned it was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be and if I could do it over I would have asked for help because I was young at the time and did not know any better because you were kind of left alone to do your work. The hardest part of the jobs was how far you have to walk to get the job done and read all the meters."

Licensed Practical Nurse (Former Employee) says

"nursing home worked with wonderful staff and helped care for residents"

Temporary Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"It is a great company to work for. Excellent pay. You have to have extreme patience to deal with the customers but at the same time don't forget your a customer as well. I am big on speaking to people the way I would want to be talked to. As Comed employees we have to call in also. We are on both sides of the calls. It's call center environment. Sometimes hard to get follow-up and get to a manager, but if your dedicated to your job you make it work. Enjoyed working her. More communication needed"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Answering calls and assisting customers and helping customers with billing issues over the phone or through fax. I also assisted in the business department.Part time great paylife balance hard"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked there many years ago but was a very professional and pleasant place to work"

se tol says

"Complete scam!!! Once I find out who the “sales person” pretending to be my electric provider was I am 1000% pressing charges! They pretended to be my power company and said they needed to collect info to get rid of the “summer rates”, he even had a fake Delmarva power badge. I just looked at my bill and see that I am signed up for a service I never authorized. I will cut my electricity off today if I am not refunded. Shady company, if a person comes to your door pretending to be your provider just call them first and turn the person away. I cannot wait to take full action on this sucker as soon as the phone lines open."

Alan Gibbs says

"Has anyone out there attempted to redeem their RE debit card. I have spent a good 20 minutes at the web site they list trying to figure out how to redeem my card. I have looked at dozens of sites and NONE even mention redeeming your card. Any company so stupid as to have a redemption program web site so badly designed is not worth having as an energy supplier."

Jordan Siebe says

"These pieces of trash came to my door saying they were my original provider and I was changing to a newer power plan that would save me money. They signed me up for their service. Now I'm having to cancel. This is a scam."

Martin says

"Liars overcharge me every month they promise a rate of 0.09 per kilowatt and i got 0.19670... thieves!!!"

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